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Up to 100% financing programs

Increase property value! It’s a solid home investment

Improve the environment!


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  Carlos Vega, the founder of Anca Solar Inc., has been working in the solar, electrical, and roofing industry for over 25 years. His years of experience include a background in electrical engineering from Instituto Politécnico Nacional, one of the best technical universities in Mexico City. He began his work in solar panel installation by not only installing panels himself, but also by working for a roofing company as both an electrician, and a roofer. Therefore, aided by his understanding of installation, electrical systems, and roofing, Carlos created Anca Solar Inc., to provide superior solar panel installation to the community. Consequently, Anca Solar understands the process of solar installation as a result of Carlos’ experience and expertise in all of these areas, which adds up to reducing costs for the homeowner or business seeking solar energy, not to mention his fair and ethical business practices. Anca Solar also offers one of the lowest overheads in the solar industry because many of Carlos’ employees have worked with him for more than 20 years. He has been able to maintain and train his crew in solar installation over a long period of time, which allows for greater efficiency. High turnover in any business is cost ineffective timewise, and financially, and these labor costs are usually passed on to the customer. However, with Anca Solar they are not. The home or business owner can rest assured that they are receiving the highest-caliber solar system, at the lowest bottom line, as a result of all these ingredients. These factors speak to Carlos’ character as well. His leadership makes for trust in service and quality, which is hard to find. And being the owner of a solar system on his own home, Carlos understands and strongly believes in the benefits of solar energy. Working with Anca Solar means working with a family business. Anca Solar Inc. is a forerunner in providing excellence in customer service, knowledge, experience, and workmanship in solar panel installation. We guarantee satisfaction.  


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Longevity in industry. Installs don't meet code, they exceed code. Always deal with the owner, either on the sales side or the install side. Less expensive than the big guys and with better products. Since we can't outspend them, we have to be better than them. That's ok, we're use to it. Don't let someone talk you into a solar system, let us educate you and then you can be in a position to make the best possible decision based on your goals and personal situation. You're going to get 3 bids anyways, give us a chance to show you why, Quality, Value and Integrity, along with Experience... MATTER.

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